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The Unseen Parallels: Coups and Vehicle Attacks

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The Unseen Parallels: Coups and Vehicle Attacks

Not one, not two. Seven. The threats that once seemed distant and improbable have now permeated everyday life, manifesting in various forms, including political upheavals and targeted attacks on individuals. Who could have imagined that after 2020, 7 coups would comb through Africa successfully. One might find it surprising to draw a parallel between coups – sudden violent and illegal seizures of power from a government – and vehicle attacks, but a closer inspection reveals striking similarities and the undeniable importance of vehicle armoring.

The Element of Surprise

Much like coups, vehicle attacks often come without warning. In a coup, a government is overthrown suddenly, without any signs. Similarly, vehicle attacks can occur in the most unexpected moments, catching individuals off-guard and leaving them vulnerable. The element of surprise is a common thread that binds both scenarios, emphasizing the need for preparedness at all times. While a government might have a lot of blindspots leading to these surprises, you have the capacity to secure the fleet you govern every aspect of your mobility with.

The Need for Fortification

In the face of a coup, the overthrown governments and embassies often rely on fortified structures like panic rooms to protect key individuals and assets. This concept of fortification can be extended to personal security, where armored vehicles, like our BR7 SUVs and coaster buses, act as moving fortresses, offering protection against potential attacks. The reinforced structures of armored vehicles are designed to withstand assaults, providing a safe haven during moments of crisis.

The Assurance of Safety

During times of political instability, the assurance of safety becomes a premium commodity. Similarly, in the face of rising vehicle attacks, individuals seek assurance through enhanced security measures. Armoring vehicles serve as a proactive measure, offering peace of mind that one has taken steps to safeguard themselves and their loved ones against unforeseen threats. We don’t just manufacture armoured vehicles. Our service offerings enhance customer experience throughout secure & highly functional end-to-end warranty management. We develop product improvements through periodical and accurate testing because human life is irreplacable.


In conclusion, the parallels between coups and vehicle attacks are not only evident but serve as a stark reminder of the evolving nature of threats in today’s world. As the lines between political upheavals and personal safety blur, our clientele of international organizations and state governments have taken proactive measures to ensure their safety. Armoured vehicles by Buckler Systems have emerged as a viable and wise choice in this regard, offering protection, peace of mind, and a shield against the unforeseen dangers that lurk in the modern world. It is not just a luxury but a necessity in a world where the unexpected has become the norm.

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