About us

Buckler Land Systems

We’re a military equipment manufacturer with strong expertise in civilian armouring.

5Years’ Experience in military engineering

Innovation has been our drive 5 years. We started to make what is better more efficient.

What do we specialize in?
1. Manufacture of Civilian Armoured Vehicles

2. Design, Prototyping and Manufacture of Military Vehicles

3. Manufacture of Ordnance Equipment

4. Turnkey/Engineering, Procurement and Construction contracts for Armoured Vehicle Plants.
Our processes
Each phase of our armouring process is quality checked and assured to ensure that we deliver nothing short of the best to our clients especially considering the fact that our primary mission is to keep them from arms way. Our ability to create concepts, run them through the design stage and manufacturing prototypes is second to none.

With detailed understanding of the various roles that armoured vehicles play in protecting the lives of our clients and getting them out of arms way, we ensure that only the best ballistic materials are used on our vehicles; durable enough to stop penetration of projectiles and light-weight to ensure easy maneuverability.
Our capacities
Our vehicles that defeat Armour Piercing (AP/API) projectiles and other projectiles shot from assault rifles such as 5.56 X 45mm (AK 102) SS109 & M193, AK-47 & AK-56 (7.62 x 39mm), G3 & FAL (7.62 x 51mm), sub-machine guns (9 x 19mm), hand guns (.44 Magnum, .357 Magnum etc.), shotguns (12 Gauge), explosives and fire.

For enhanced stability and performance, suspension components are upgraded with heavy duty shock absorbers, sway bars, torsion bars and coil/leaf springs depending on the weight of armours added after full armouring to meet international standards.

We are registered with the Office of the National Security Adviser of Nigeria to facilitate End User Applications for our clients.


Innovation starts with a dream and sprouts with action.

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