Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser

Slide Level VR6, Armoured TOYOTA
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Vehicle Overview
Uncompromised mobile protection is what we all long for and that is exactly what Buckler’s Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser offers.

With a rare combination of the highest levels of ballistic protection and premium luxury, the Armoured Toyota Landcruiser provides its driver and passenger’s incognito ballistic protection and unmatchable sophistication.

A spacious interior with a list of premium optional upgrades, and coupled with a beastly 381HP 5.7 liter engine, the Toyota Land Cruiser creates a class of its own for unparalleled power, performance, engineering and reliability.

Buckler Ordnance Systems has accumulated a wealth of experience in securing the Toyota Land Cruiser with reinforced brake and suspension systems necessary to handle the additional weight of armor, as well as perfecting their laser-cutting technology to better protect against ballistic attacks.
Standard Armouring Features
Buckler’s Armoured Toyota Landcruiser features OEM vehicle upgrades such as:

Installation of Heavy Duty Suspension System

Installation of Tempered window glasses with Multi-hit, Bullet Resistant Glasses

Installation of Heavy Duty Brake System

Installation of Bullet Resistant Plates and Kevlar of Body Structure for Ballistic & Blast protection

Installation of Runflat tyre inserts

Installation of Siren and Public Address System

Installation of Battery Protection

Installation of Fuel Tank Protection from grenades and bullets

Installation of Radiator Protection
Optional Equipment and Accessories
Light-weight armoring package

Siren/PA/Intercom system

Heavy duty brake system and components

Emergency lights system

Fire suppression system

Heavy duty wheels

One range of cars that has rightly caught the heart of many is the Mercedes S class. They have proven effective, elegant and comfy. The effectiveness of the S600 is enhanced by the unique armouring components we offer. According to our customers choices, special features are added like run-flat tires, external siren/ PA systems and our overlap system. We’ll be glad you reach us for information on different stages and characteristics.

The loved and most recent Mercedes S600 (2016) possess all the luxurious features you’ve always wanted in a Mercedes: a V-12 engine, 510 hp and 612 lb-ft of peak tongue and the gadgets to take you with uttermost comfort anywhere in the world. Mercedes has improved the car by adding: parking guidance, rear view camera, heated multi function steering, memory enabled 12- way power front seats and paddle shifters.

With Mercedes S class vehicles from Buckler Ordnance you can now drive safely in the real secured sense of it.