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Buckler Ordnance's armour and helmets are the leading products for providing the wearer with protection from danger. When in tactical or military situations it is vital that you are wearing body armour that you know you can rely on, with nexus plates and helmets you will be fully protected but also comfortable giving you the upper hand in any military operation. Our body armours can also be tailored for use by medics and pressmen.
Brand New low weight bullet and stab vest in a low profile covert cover ideal for security, press, and diplomatic protection

Outer cover features front and rear outer tactical pockets to upgrade with rifle plates (Hard Armour Plate available to upgrade separately)

Front, rear and side protection against handguns and knives

NIJ level II - Protection against 9mm, 0.357 Magnum and shotguns

Stab - In house tested protection against most common knife attacks

Fragmentation and explosion protection (NATO STANAG 2920 standard) to 400-450m/s

Made from super flexible uni directional technology that wraps around the body and only 3-5mm thick

Shoulder and waist adjustable straps for a close tailored fit

Weight approx 2.4kg Size Large

Easy to remove internal panels for cleaning and replacing covers

Lightweight polycotton smooth outer fabric or upgrade to codura material

Advanced sweat control ventilation lining

Available in a range of colours and sizes (stock availability may vary)

Transfer internal panels into other covers or colours to change the outer design (extra covers sold separately)

CE marked ergonomic internal water proof panels

5 Year Protection Guarantee

1 Year outer carrier excellence warranty
What it stops
Stops the following:

6 x shots of 9mm FMJ RN at 436m/s

6 x shots of .357 SIG at 448m/s

6 x shots of .44 Mag SJHP at 436m/s

Our body armours are of excellent standard, designed as the very special solution for VIP and executive protection. They are most suitable for politicians, public figures, business men and for secret security applications.

Use our contact box or call us to supply lightweight security vests that suits your exact size and style.