Panic Rooms

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Why safe houses/ panic rooms?
Safe Rooms, a place to feel safe. Somewhere to feel relaxed with no disturbance from the outside.

But what if it’s not as safe as we think?

Imagine a typical night… You tuck your children into bed, kissing their forehead and wishing them Sweet Dreams. The night is quiet, calm and peaceful as you slip under the covers and turn out the lights.

The sound of glass shattering downstairs wakes you…

You can hear the rumbles of someone breaking into your house and the only thought in your head is “How do I protect myself and my loved ones?”
High Security
Safe Rooms are designed to be the strongest and most secure ways to to protect you and your loved ones.

We can install safe rooms in any private residence or business to provide a safe shelter in the event of break-ins, fire, home invasions, natural disasters, terrorist attacks and more.

Our high security Safe Rooms are made from ½’ or thicker steel. We can protect your most valuable assets: your loved ones.
What happens during the armouring process?
We custom build Safe Rooms that can be hidden behind book shelves, cabinets, stairs, closets, walls, etc. – The possibilities are endless!

We also have a modular design that can be built to fit an existing room exactly.

All our Safe Rooms / Panic Rooms come standard with:
Fresh Air Vents
Heavy-Duty Security Door
Painted Interior and Exterior
120 Volt Battery Back-Up
LED Lighting
Independent Electrical and Communication Outlets

We have several other options that we can add for comfort and style.

Team Buckler builds armoured (bullet resistant) panic rooms to fit the armour protection needs of clients. Buckler’s panic rooms are built to attain ordnance protection of up to CEN level B6/NIJ level III.

The defence system we deploy to our customers is a range of products that meets the highest standards of security to prevent or react to various situations of risk.

We present our client a variety of protection ranging through various levels of international standard of architectural shielding UL 752:

•(LEVEL UL I) / CENTIGON 9 (9 mm Parabellum)

•(LEVEL UL III) / CENTIGON 44 (.44 Magnum)



Armoured doors

We configure our doors and their framed with steel CR of varying thicknesses depending on the level of protection chosen by our clients. We carefully apply basic finishes of anticorrosive paint and lacquer.

For each of the levels of protection, the doors are equipped with the following accessories:

  • Reinforced lock type, with four horizontal pins and two vertical
  • Hydraulic arm type (closed door)

The window frames are made from steel CR of different calibers depending on the level of protection. The window panes are made of materials of high ballistic resistance and excellent optical quality through the use of float glass, polyvinyl butyral and anti-spall film for extra protection.

Walls and armoured panels

As part of the Integrated Security System, we offer the possibility to reinforce or change the existing walls of the property in compliance with international standard UL – 752.

Item rigid ballistic steel, mounted on metal structure modulated form. So we increased resistance to blast waves, covering a specific area and providing greater protection.

Safe Room

By unifying doors, windows and walls or panels, we have the Safe Room that fits in a suitable space within the property. The room has inside communication systems, monitoring, alarms and telephones as well as providing medical supplies and food. The space in an impenetrable place, designed for protection against firearms high reach. The extreme security of the place provides the necessary time to react and inform the responsible authorities.