Armored Toyota Coaster Bus

Slide Level VR6, Armoured TOYOTA
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Vehicle Overview
Unrivaled experience in armored luxury, each of our armoured buses is a majestic vehicle that artfully blends imperial aesthetics with top-tier armoring technology, carving out a unique space for itself in the market. The distinct and classless bodywork coupled with meticulously chosen interiors raise the bar of sophistication for armored vehicles.
Standard Armouring Features
One of the standout features of this limousine is the electroluminescent bulletproof glass that not only provides optimal ballistic protection but also ensures privacy when you need it most. The vehicle's unmatched performance is further amplified with new interior VIP components and fittings, introducing a touch of elegance and opulence in every detail. Step inside to discover an interior adorned with exotic leather, curved wood panels, and state-of-the-art amenities such as satellite television and phone. Brilliant lighting creates a serene ambience that beautifully complements the overall premium feel of the vehicle.
Optional Equipment and Accessories
Upgraded Armor Packages
Advanced Communication Systems
Premium Entertainment System
Biometric Security
Emergency Exit
Smoke Screen System
Electroshock Door Handles
First Aid and Survival Kit
Fire Suppression System
Night Vision System
Climate Controlled Seats

The emperially distinct bodywork of this classless vehicle alongside it’s carefully selected interior ranks this armored limousine one of the most sophisticated in the market today. With additional specs like electroluminescent bulletproof glass creating more privacy when and where needed, the vehicle still outperforms the rest with new interior VIP components and fittings. This armoured bus comes with exotic leather and curved wood panels, satellite television and phone, seats, brilliant lighting and more.

The vehicle’s interior is controlled by a proprietary Limousine Control System that operates via a tablet. The limousine’s cameras, ventilating system, media and lighting can be effortlessly run from fingertips.