Armoured Booth

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Standard features and specifications
9MM TO .50 M2AP ballistic protection (or any NIJ or UL Level of protection)
Blast and fragmentation protection where required
Manufactured utilizing pre-certified armor plate and ballistic glass
Ballistic and blast resistant (where required) gunports and windows
Fully engineered HVAC systems
Tube steel frame construction
High performance interior and exterior coating systems
Bullet Resistant Walls, Floors & Ceilings
Swing and/or Sliding Doors (full glass, half glass, vision panel, or solid without glass)
Heavy Duty Door Closers and Hinges
Automatic Door Openers
Panic Bar Exit Devices
Many different locking mechanisms
Pass Thru Compartments
Built In Restroom Facilities (ADA Compliant)
Raised / Elevated Platforms
Glazing Features & Options
Laminated Bullet Resistant Glass
Polycarbonate Bullet Resistant Glass
Fixed and Operable Windows
Tinted Glass
Reflective Glass Film
What happens during the armouring process?
Properly Sized HVAC (roof mount, thru wall, packaged systems)
Bullet Resistant Air Conditioner Shrouds
Forced Air & Infrared Heating (interior and exterior)
Exhaust Fans
Factory Wired Load Centers
Exterior Mounted Generator Flanged Power Adapter
Provisions For Security Equipment
Exterior Mounted Security & Flood Lights
Thru Wall Intercom Devices

Not only are our armoured booths severely tested basically against ballistic standards, we also ensure they are blastproof. Our ballistic resistant booths are developed to achieve the industry standard level of protection.

We run tests both under laboratory conditions and live firing demonstrations. The standard specifies the testing methods and outcomes for a range of ammunition types, the highest being Level IV which demands resistance from 30 cal.(7,62×51) rounds and which is the minimum performance achieved by our products range.