Armoured Cash-In-Transit

Slide Level VR6, Armoured CASH-IN-TRANSIT
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Armoured Enhancement
Recommended Armoring Protection Level: B6 - B7
For Windshield & Door Windows: Multi-layered Ballistic Glass (OEM Inspired).
Durable High-Strength Vault construction with protection against Fire and Corrosive liquids according to the Ballistic Standards.
Roof and Floor Armor plating by High-intensity MIG Welding.
Multi-layered Polycarbonate Coating for transparent areas.
Reinforced Doors and Pillars with Heavy-duty Hinges: Designed for extended longevity and easy maintenance.
Protection for the Fuel tank, Tailpipe, Radiator, Battery and the Control Module of the Engine (ECM).
Armored bulkhead swing door behind the Land Cruiser`s original rear door with ballistic glass inside.
Custom Accessories
Siren/PA/Intercom system
Heavy duty brake system and components
Emergency lights system
Heavy duty wheels
Gun Ports

The Toyota Hilux is one of the best Light Commercial Vehicle on the market and an unstoppable pick up with legendary 4×4 capabilities and outstanding reliability. Hilux is tough, versatile and comfortable. A dynamic presence integrating advanced power and quality. Hilux blends new advanced design, setting up the standards and leading the way for a new generation of versatile utility vehicles. Armored Cash Box conversion from Artan is customizable according to the professional requirements. If necessary, We mold a perfect customized cash box design for the client interests. Our Toyota Hilux is considered as one of the best 4WD Armored Pickup available on the market. Armor plated using the High Strength and lightweight material, the vehicle has increased road clearance and reinforced suspension. You can provide us the vehicle for armoring or request from our stock. In addition to the standard armoring, additional custom modifications are also possible. Such as changing the color or fitting an extra equipment for auxiliary support etc. Please note that we offer the armoring solution for every option such as single cabin, double cabin, 4×2, 4×4, left-hand or right-hand etc.