Armoured Toyota Hilux

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Vehicle Overview
The Armored Toyota Hilux: Utility and protection in one package The Armored Toyota Hilux 4X4 is a highly dependable vehicle for conquering urban roads as well as challenging off-road conditions. Built on the tested and proven design of the Hilux, our armored version offers the same level of mobility, durability, and reliability, with the added benefit of armouring. The modular design is ideal for private security companies and military purchasers who are looking for high level protection in a package that blends in easily. The armored Hilux features B6 level armouring according to the requirements of the European CEN 1522/23 and CEN 1063 standards. Opaque areas are armored to FB6 level and transparent areas to BR6 level.

High quality steel and glass armouring configurations are installed on all four sides of the passenger compartment, including the roof of the vehicle. This enables the Hilux to withstand 7.62 x 51mm M80 Nato Ball ammunition (U.S. NIJ level III, CEN level FB6/BR6) as well as 5.56 × 45mm SS109 ammunition (CEN level FB5/BR5 and FB6/BR6) at 0° incidence and 10m range according to CEN1063 and CEN1522 standards.
Features and Options
Reinforced door hinges

Upgraded suspension

Smart locking system

Battery Box protection

CCTV surveillance

Run-flat tyres

Fuel Tank protection

Public Addressing system

Front bumper

Radiator Protection

Under body protection


The armored Toyota Hilux is a choice vehicle utilized by corporations and governments worldwide. We provide armored conversions of Toyota Hiluxes. Our lightweight armoring technology is loved by clients because it is prudent and reliable. This bullet proof’s rugged construction, coupled with how we pay concise attention to detail, provides a all round defense.

Looking closely at the Toyota brand brand itself, your goings never get stalled as you get support service. This 4×4 armored Hilux can run with diesel or gasoline engines, and comes with extra options like run-flat tires and electric door handles to repel any threat. This armored civilian vehicle fully protects you against high powered rifles and IED bombs.

We would love to hear from you to discuss a customized armoring package and tender a free quote.