5 Myths About Armoured Vehicles


5 Myths About Armoured Vehicles

We’ve seen them in movies, games, right on our roads and probably been on one of them before. However, there are still many exaggerations and understatements around armoured vehicles that you would enjoy to see debunked.

Here are a few myths about armoured vehicles you should not trip for:

1. Windows cannot open

Not true at all. We utilize modern technology to help our armoured vehicles get wind down for ventilation at any time or make pass tallies or tangibles without having to open the door.

2. Existing car cannot be armoured

Have you always thought only new cars can be armoured? Well, the answer is NO! Existing vehicles can be armoured just that the engine should be 3.0-litre turbocharged! The existing car is stripped off and robust ballistic steel is laid along with a bulletproof glass. Then the interior goes back in the same way as the original one. The idea is to keep the vehicle as original-looking and discreet as possible.

3. Only for the rich and very expensive

Not at all. Armoured vehicles can come in the form of buses for staff and tourists, ambulances and even as a mobile ATM. We also lease out armoured vehicles for short term use.

There is no denying that they are expensive but not costlier than your life. As the crime has increased, many armour vehicle manufacturers around the world have come up with many options for creating bulletproof vehicles that are affordable. The cost depends on the level of security required, the ballistic steel and the ammunation.

4. There are bulletproof cars

No car is bulletproof. At its best, it is only resistant to a specific calibre of bullet or threat. BR 6 level armouring is fully resistant to BR 6 threats and below. BR 7 threats and bullets don’t treat BR level 6 armoured vehicles too nicely.

Our vehicles however defeat Armour Piercing (AP/API) projectiles and other projectiles shot from assault rifles such as 5.56 X 45mm (AK 102) SS109 & M193, AK-47 & AK-56 (7.62 x 39mm), G3 & FAL (7.62 x 51mm), sub-machine guns (9 x 19mm), hand guns (.44 Magnum, .357 Magnum etc.), shotguns (12 Gauge), explosives and fire.

5. Only big cars can be armoured

Armouring is not limited to big cars alone. Saloon cars (Mercedes S600 for example) with at least V6 engine configuration can be armoured. Do mail our sales unit with specs of your car and your needs so we know what armouring level fits just right.

Now, that you are knowledgeable about armoured vehicles, you can very well make your own car strong and sturdy protecting you from all attacks! Can we take your security to the next level?

For enquiries: sales@bucklerlandsystems.com, +2348095550008, +2348065555009

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