Vaults & Safes

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Now there's a security solution designed for your items to be kept safe. Our drawers fit and operate in most standard drawers making it the smart choice for storage. They are perfect for passports, documents, cash, or other valuables, Buckler's Vault is ideal for your home or business.

Why not keep your valuables out of reach and secure them with our safes?
Type : Multipurpose Safe
Color : Black (Available in more options)
Dimensions : As specified by clients
Entry : Electronic Keypad/Biometric/Key
Lock Type : Electronic/Biometric/Key
Material : Steel
Finish : Matte
Interior : Carpeted Floor
Fireproof : Yes
Full with collectors door
Split with collectors door
Fire Liner Optional

As you protect what is yours, we are committed to supplying standard vaults that protect money, valuables, records, and documents contents from theft, unauthorized use, fire, natural disasters, and other threats.